Cornwall, ENGLAND
irene bessem
sonja bright

Zenfro Cookie Monster - "Ali"

Pedigrees - Past and Present

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The Girls

Zenfro Voodoo Doll - "Dolly"
Zenfro Thru The Looking Glass - "Alice"
Zenfro Tango in the Night - "Tango"
Zenfro Steeley Anne - "Trinity"
Zenfro Starlight Express - "Abby"
Zenfro Silver Bullet - "Moana"
Zenfro Night Moves - "Dolly"
Zenfro Matalla Moon - "Joni"
Zenfro Maple Leaf Rag - "Annie"
Zenfro Look Who's Talk'n - "Lucy"
Zenfro Lady Marmalade - "Fizz"
Zenfro Kaleidoscope Eyes - "Hanna"
Zenfro Highland Fling - "Georgie"
Zenfro Ginger Spice - "Spice"
Zenfro Frostie Cookie - "Frostie"
Zenfro Fly Me To The Moon - "Bella"
Zenfro Easy Living - "Sally"
Zenfro Bound for Glory - "Meisha"
Zenfro Absolutely Fabulous - "Saffy"
Waterstone Over the Rainbow - "Goldberry"
Waterstone Oreo Cookie - "Oreo"
North My Style So Flashy - "Vogue"
Huskypak Tufferenhell - "Tuffy"
Edgemere's Nightshade - "Shady"

The Boys

Zenfro Walk the Talk - "Steele"
Zenfro Three Dog Night - "Chuck"
Zenfro Take the Biscuit - "Rocky"
Zenfro Take The 'A' Train - "Tommy"
Zenfro Simple Twist of Fate - "Rory"
Zenfro Pacific Storm - "Storm"
Zenfro Night Train - "Axl"
Zenfro Neon Colours - "Neo"
Zenfro Chattanooga Choo Choo - "Shrek"
Zenfro Captain Marvel - "Tarriff"
Zenfro Bungle in the Jungle - "Johnny"
Zenfro Bungalow Bill - "Bill"
Waterstone Copper Dunvegan - "Copper"
Waterstone Colour for Zenfro - "Rikki"
The North Savik - "Savik"
North Jack Black - "Jack"
Kotuko Shoot To Thrill - "Cartman"
Edgemere's Kohoutec Arcturus - "Fred"
Cold Creek's Who's Zoom'n' Who - "Harley"
Zenfro Alaskan Malamutes