Praze-an-Beeble, Cornwall, England
irene bessem
sonja bright

The Zenfro Family Album

These albums feature Zenfro puppies and dogs with their families.
They will be regularly updated so please check back again soon for new albums and photographs.

If you are interested in owning a Zenfro puppy, please contact us or complete the puppy enquiry form.


Our beautiful boy enjoys his daily walks and he regularly steers us towards the beach where he loves to run over the sand and into the tide.
He as always, gets an incredible amount of attention while out and at our local cafe the staff pile outside to greet him and spoil him with dog biscuits - which he never refuses!
He loves playing with all his rubber squeaky toys and howls at them when they make a noise. He takes his afternoon naps on the trampoline and is happy to settle beside our bed at night time.

We feel increibly privileged to own Neo, he is truly one of the family and has become such a large part of our lives (literally!).

Neo's parents are Rikki and Oreo and his only litter mate is Cookie
NeoNeo grows up
Neo 2006Neo 2006
Zenfro Alaskan Malamutes