Praze-an-Beeble, Cornwall, England
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The Zenfro Family Album

These albums feature Zenfro puppies and dogs with their families.
They will be regularly updated so please check back again soon for new albums and photographs.

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Mischka lives near the beach in Nth Canterbury with Bob & Bobbie Alexander. She is very sociable, loves lots of cuddles and at the moment her favourite pastime is digging holes in the backyard. Mischka used to sleep in the shower until she got too big. She is a real comedy act, a real talker and pinches all our toilet rolls...

Mischka's parents are Rikki and Alice.
Mischka at 9 weeksMischka growing up
Mischka at 6 monthsMischka relaxes
Mischka at 9 monthsBeautiful
Zenfro Alaskan Malamutes