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The Zenfro Family Album

These albums feature Zenfro puppies and dogs with their families.
They will be regularly updated so please check back again soon for new albums and photographs.

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Cody & Zakk

Cody is one of the notorious Zenfro brat pack of 2005. To be precise he entered this world along with five other siblings on the 15th August 2005. A quite small fluffy chap, which has developed over his first of year of life into a big quite fluffy chap! Cody seldom makes a sound other when an unfortunate hedgehog dares enter his domain which typically happens around 2.30am!!

Cody has grown up with cats and while no doubt he still views them as a tasty potential snack he has (reluctantly) curved his natural instincts to feast on the tasty little morsels as Im sure he sees them. He seems to have gradually developed this ok I cant touch em, but Im sure as hell gonna chase em approach. I guess thats really the best one can hope for with Malamutes!

He is happier the colder the weather gets, unfortunately for him living in the Wellington region he doesnt really get the extremely cold conditions that would really make him comfortable. He tends to get a week or two of cold frosts but alas not the snowy conditions that would really make his day! He is an Alaskan Malamute that is yet to see snow! It shall happen one day; unfortunately for him his owner doesnt share the same fascination with the cold! Summer time is not a favourite time of the year for him and if he could he would spend the entire day in the river swimming. He seems to love water and in particular swimming in the river - at times he completely submerges himself under the water!

Recently Cody has been introduced to the world of three-wheel dog rigs and is enjoying the new found freedom to be able to run as fast and as long as he wants. A natural instinct pulling things, which took all of about 10 minutes to master and now its no holding him back! The challenge is stopping him before hitting an unforgiving object, strangely enough Cody is yet to hit anything its the owner that comes off somewhat second-hand!

Cody is going to get a brother soon, which will give him something else to slobber over other than his owner or friends. Im sure another chapter or two will be written

His parents are Rikkiand Alice.
Cody at 9 weeksCody at home
Cody at 12 weeks... what a handsome lad!Cody aged 5 months
Cody at 6 monthsCody with a favourite toy, 13 months
15 monthsCody meets Zakk
Zakk's first Christmas
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