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The Zenfro Family Album

These albums feature Zenfro puppies and dogs with their families.
They will be regularly updated so please check back again soon for new albums and photographs.

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Oscar & Maya

Oscar is a cute, big scamp. Living with his adoptive pack, Kate and Martin in Christchurch, his favourite activities are paddling in the sea or the river, chasing tennis balls, digging big sand or snow holes and howling at soft toys.

He has bags of energy and is always up for a walk or a bit of cat/pukeko chasing. His best spot in the house is under Kate's feet in the kitchen hoovering up any fallen scraps. He's a great opportunist - especially when there may be food involved. A big softie, when he's in the mood he can be quite affectionate and likes to stretch out to have his armpits, chest and ears tickled.

In particular he loves going for runs through Bottle Lake Forest and sniffing every single tree stump if possible, he has a real knack for picking up pine cones, acorns and big sticks. He also looks forward to the weekend when he gets the chance to go to the dog park and 'mingle'. The life and soul of the party Oscar will happily play with any dog, big or small and likes to test out his shoulder barging technique on anyone who's game enough to try and grab him round the throat!

Often to be found snoozing under Kate's desk in work, Oscar does a great job in customer relations and also lives the petting and attention he gets from Kate's work colleagues, local shopkeepers and cafes.

When he was a wee puppy he used to really like climbing into the open dishwasher to lick the plates clean, he loved jumping into... and springing straight back out of hedges, and his favourite past time was chewing, mauling and generally pestering the patient, rough coated collie he grew up with!

Oscar was born in January 2005 and is a litter mate of Zenfro pack members Moana and Storm.

Recently little Maya came to live with her adoptive big bro Oscar. Maya is a lady - she knows just what she wants and how to get it... she bats her big brown eyes and swings her hips and wags her tail in an alluring fashion, but don't be fooled because deep down she's a tiger! Maya loves nothing more than stalking and pouncing on Oscar, her favourite past time is hanging off his ears or going for a zoom round the lounge with her teeth clamped firmly on his tail! And when she's not challenging him for the role of top dog her other skills are escaping Houdini-style out of her crate and devouring whole nylabones! When she's not trying to rule the world Maya likes to relax with a spot of telly watching and particularly likes any programmes with animals.
Oscar arrives in Christchurch to join Kateand Martin
Oscar asleepWhat's in here?
OscarOscar in shades
Mountain climbingKate with Oscar
Maya and KateMaya arrives home
Oscar & MayaOscar & Maya
Zenfro Alaskan Malamutes