Praze-an-Beeble, Cornwall, England
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The Zenfro Family Album

These albums feature Zenfro puppies and dogs with their families.
They will be regularly updated so please check back again soon for new albums and photographs.

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Ziva is litter sister to Rory and lives with Catherine and Dai, Christchurch.

Catherine says: "We honestly couldn't have asked for a more wonderful addition to our 'family'. She is simply amazing. She loves the dog park and is so friendly to all the other dogs, irrelevant of breed and size. She does love the terriers though and they love hanging off her furry neck! She also loves the big Bottle Lake Forest just 5 mins away - lots of sights and smells and lots of running on leash - as much as we try and stop her!

We have our first "Training Day" on Saturday with the Alaskan Malamute Club and Canterbury Sled Dog Club - even though she's too young to race it'll be good to meet all the other like minded people and their dogs of course. We can't wait and we're sure if Ziva knew she was going she'd be excited too!"
9 weeks old15 weeks old
It's OK, I'm digging for gold!Er, have I seen you before somewhere?!
Ziva and CathZiva
6 1/2 months6 1/2 months
Ziva at Mt Hutt
Zenfro Alaskan Malamutes